My name is Kaylan Coleman, the owner, and creator of BlackParr Apparel LLC. I am blessed to have a loving wife, child, and family that supports me. Colorado is home for me, I have lived here for all my life really. Graduated high school, found the love my life, and our first child was born in Colorado.I have worked as a sales rep at a pretty big tech company since 2012. I believe my love for technology drove me to find my passion for fishing. Being completely immersed in technology most of the time through the week, made me want to get away from it. So I picked up fishing. I found that it allowed me to get away from technology, but also allowed me to explore a world and even parts of this lovely state I never thought I would explore. It is funny, when I was young I never liked fishing. My dad would take me out and I could never get past putting the worm on the hook. It was the first bite that made me discover my hidden passion for fishing. I started back with the basics (mainly sitting in a chair and just enjoying the outdoors, getting away from everything). It then got to the point to where every spot of land filled with a little H2O, made me say " I wonder if there are any fish in there". Soon after this, I picked up the art of fly fishing, studying a multitude of videos on youtube, I fell more intrigued by each cast, hook set, and more than anything the scenery it was all taking place in. Now I prefer fly fishing over any other kind of fishing. The challenge that comes from wading in the water sight fishing or casting the "perfect cast" right where you need it is what I love. This passion led me to try something new, with a bit of a creative background and the aspirations to do my own thing. I started doing some design work of apparel ideas that added a little innovation to what is already out there. Through all of this BlackParr Apparel was created.