My passions are fishing, helping others as much as I can, and a new found passion for providing high-quality apparel that is suitable for all and also comfortable. This new found passion was discovered in the year of 2015. I noticed there were tons of clothing options out there for anglers alike, but none that really stuck out to me. When I tried most of it on myself I found it to be uncomfortable on my body, even though they were high-quality products. Time and time again I ran into the same issue. It was then I decided to start something new. My designs range from simple t-shirts and accessories to hopefully in the future wading gear (waders, wading boots, and packs) and Fishing gear. I want to make a change in the way anglers feel while they are immersed in their passion. I want to make a difference in the fishing community for generations to come. I want to make sure our children have a chance to experience our passion. This company wants to make this difference through apparel. Our goal is to depart this world knowing we made a positive impact. So what better way to do that than to connect with others who have that same passion. Because of this BlackParr, Apparel will donate 15% of our total proceeds to conservation efforts. Every year we will donate to a different organization until we can see the difference. Through it all, I want you to feel comfortable while fishing, but also know you are making a change while doing what you love.

I appreciate the support and hope you enjoy everything.


Black :


1. A pigment or dye of the color black : a black pigment or dye; especially : one consisting largely of carbon.

Parr :


1. A young salmon or trout between the stages of fry and smolt, distinguished by dark rounded patches evenly spaced along its sides. (above)